Do I need to wear or bring anything special to my cryotherapy appointment?

You will wear the clothing you have on for that day to​ ​Cryo1one​. Guys, if you happen to come directly from a workout, please bring a dry pair of underwear. Everything else that you will need for your appointment will be provided by Cryo1one.

What do I wear in the cryotherapy chamber?

You are required to wear the dry socks, gloves and shoes that Cryo1one provides to protect your extremities. Men are required to wear dry undergarments. Women can wear undergarments or bare it all. Cryo1one provides moisture-stripping wipes, in case you come in with body lotion on or are sweaty from a previous workout.

How does whole body cryotherapy work?

During the session, the outside skin temperature lowers, stimulated receptors activate a central nervous system response (fight or flight) and vasoconstriction occurs. The blood rushes to the core to protect vital organs, reducing inflammation throughout the body. Once the session ends, the body immediately starts the rewarming process, vasodilation begins, supplying the body and extremities with newly oxygenated blood, jumpstarting your own body’s healing process over the next several hours.

How do people feel after a whole body cryotherapy session?

Many clients report feeling reduced pain, increased energy and an improved mood. In other words, they feel amazing! Your body will immediately start to warm up as soon as you exit the cryo chamber. Due to the newly oxygenated blood rushing throughout your body after the appointment, you will feel the benefits throughout the day.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk in?

We always welcome walk-ins but to ensure a specific appointment time, please use our convenient online booking system to book your whole-body cryotherapy appointment.

Does whole body cryotherapy hurt?

No, due to the fact that Cryotherapy is completely dry and a very quick session.

How often should I do whole body cryotherapy?

Whole-body cryotherapy is safe to do daily. We have clients that have done it daily for several years, to clients that come weekly for recovery and clients that come whenever they need a quick pick-me-up. Studies show that the benefits of cryotherapy will be experienced with one session but are amplified by the frequency of treatments.

After the session will I be wet or need to take a shower?

Due to the fact that Cryo1one uses nitrogen gas and not water, you will be completely dry after the session. The session does not affect your hair or face, so you can simply get dressed and go about your day.

Can I catch a cold from doing whole body Cryotherapy?

A cold is caused by contact with fluids that contain a cold virus; these are launched into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. There are no fluids or contact with fluids during session. Whole-body cryotherapy can actually stimulate the immune system and help decrease the severity and/or frequency of colds and similar viral or bacterial conditions.

Can anybody do whole-body cryotherapy?

We have clients as young as nine and as old as 99. Conditions that we require you to consult your doctor before doing cryotherapy include Raynaud’s disease, after recent heart attack or stroke and blood clot issues. If you are pregnant, we cannot allow you to do whole-body cryotherapy. However, if you are breastfeeding, you are welcome to do cryo.

What is a cryo facial?

Our trained employees lightly apply cold nitrogen gas to the face and neck in this 10 minute procedure. Customers report a reduction of swelling, puffiness, bruising and facial scarring from their facials.

How do I book my appointment?

Follow our schedule link on the website or for even more convenience, download our “Cryo1one” app that can be used on Androids or iPhones and book your appointment through there.

How do the monthly memberships work?

Monthly memberships are recurring memberships that are billed on the same day each month (ex: purchased on the 3rd, billed on the 3rd each month). Sessions must be used within the billing month, do not rollover and cannot be shared. Monthly members can purchase additional sessions for $20 each. These memberships can be canceled at any time.

How do the visit passes work?

Visit passes are good for a year from the date of purchase and can be shared with anyone. Visit passes are great for clients who do not want a recurring membership, travel often or want to share the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy with friends and family.

Can I use my passes or monthly membership at all Cryo1one locations?

Yes! All passes and monthly memberships are usable at all Cryo1one’s locations.

Can I use my whole-body cryotherapy monthly membership or pass packages for cryo facials?

No. You can purchase cryo facial sessions individually in person at any of our stores when available.